Rawaa Poultry Development

Rawaa Poultry Development

A poultry farm, Rawaa Company, was established in the year (2018), which is concerned with the manufacture and development of all that is new in the world of poultry and its farms. In its infancy, the project produced about 160 thousand birds annually And the journey has come to an end so far. Our productivity is estimated by the grace of God Almighty (500,000 thousand birds currently) half a million birds. The production capacity is ours now. And the number is increasing, and the plan is for us, God willing, to exceed (1,000,000) million birds

feed factory

The company was not limited to the production of white meat only Rather, we are always striving for an integrated system in the manufacture and development of poultry Where we established a feed factory for the production of feed for poultry And also for external export to serve the internal and external market as well And the journey continues

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