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The main business area is import and export , Our main business as a company is import and export to all parts of the world, especially Africa. We already have contracts in southeast African countries and the focus is now on countries like Uganda, Congo, Rwanda and Kenya. because they are already a gateway to trade all over Africa as importing, exporting and marketing products for them .
We have implemented actual contracts in some West African countries, such as Mauritania and Nigeria .


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import anOur customers inside Egypt we know what the local market needs inside Egypt We are ready to meet your trading requirements to import what you need for the local market. examples of imported material seals 1- Minerals of all kinds 2 - Precious metals such as - gold - silver - bronze and so on 3 - The food needed by the Egyptian market in different types 4 - Modern Electronics We are ready to meet your needs for the Egyptian local marketd export



importing Exporting to the countries of the world needs enough experience to study what the domestic market needs for all the countries of the world We want to be happy to serve our customers abroad in other countries of the world. Through our factories within Egypt we are ready to export products from our factories 1 - Bags of all sizes with durability and durability for all purposes, especially these wols in East and West Africa 2 - Export food and here are examples Honey bees of different kinds Sesame - one of the most luxurious types 3 - We have a factory for the production of full and comprehensive sanitary ware under the name and brand of our own (RB) RAWAA. PLAST German technology and materials and warranty certificates Trust us. And we're going to take you up.


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