RAWAA For integrated business contracting

RAWAA For integrated business contracting

RAWAA For integrated business contracting One of the companies of the Rawaa Integrated Group Which specializes in building, construction and finishing works, which has the capabilities that qualify it to be among the leading companies in the field of contracting in Egypt We have a special engineering office for engineering consultancy and business precedents inside and outside Egypt in the Arab world, especially the Saudi Arabia And engineering consultancy in the countries of the Horn of Africa And a lot in folding contracts and studying projects

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finishing works

RAWAA company for contracting and finishing works The best materials are used in the finishing processes And conform to international specifications Some of the raw materials from our factories with quality and international measurements and guarantees produced by our company and international specifications


Construction, construction and building

Building and construction operations must be a giant company that has the specialized style and experience, and we have both Rawa'a Integrated Business Contracting is created, built and constructed And you have the choice upon delivery or on the key


Excavation and lining works

The company carries out excavation, lining and transfer of waste from work sites To create a healthy environment for people and also to preserve the environment and preserve its value As a moral compass for us Example of digging canals and water channels to prevent water wastage, which is estimated at millions of meters of wasted water.


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